”Most Runs Girls in Owerri Are Not From Imo State” – Activist Paulcy Iwuala Clears The Air


”Most Runs Girls in Owerri Are Not From Imo State” – Activist Paulcy Iwuala Clears The Air

Popular Activist & philanthropist, Iwuala Nnamdi Paulcy has taken to his facebook page to clear the popular trend and notion that, all Imo girls are into prostitution. He elaborated more after making his research last night, following an interactions with some of the runs girls on the streets of Owerri, Imo State. He Wrote:

”Yesterday night I took my time out and I went round Owerri, from Concorde hotel axis, to World bank orange room , Titanic view, to down town Douglas area and De Angels front, I spoke to some girls like I wanted to hang out with them,
I striked a conversation, starting with how much do you charge and end up with where are you from? What does your family think of this trade and why you are in this business, some opened up and later closed up when they sensed I wasn’t so serious,
I needed to understand why Owerri have such bad names about prostitution and yet people from this town is begging married with no record of being promiscuous,

It dawned on me that 90% percent of the ladies I spoke to came from other states, I won’t mention any state, but I had some videos too which ofcourse was unknown to them I recorded, but also won’t divulge,
I can tell you strongly that most runs girls in this Imo state are not from here, I’m not saying that there aren’t bad one’s but I’m saying it’s not enough to point fingers that Imo state ladies are whores,
You can do your own research to confirm ..”

Written By Iwuala Nnamdi Paulcy”

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