Vantage Migration: Helping Graduates Secure Scholarship Abroad

Vantage Migration: Helping Graduates Secure Scholarship Abroad


Vantage Migration: Helping Graduates Secure Scholarship Abroad

Dr Linda is the CEO Vantage Migration, has taken it upon herself to ensure that every individual or graduates, who wishes to migrate to Canada or any country of choice can do that with ease. She has created a platform to enable migrants have a better knowledge and understanding about migration, without facing difficulties in the process.

Though Vantage migration, Dr Linda has been able to equip both Nigerians and other international students or individuals with the knowledge of getting better scholarship to any country of choice. She has overtime proven to be an important bridge between the top and the bottom.

Vantage Migration was created with the primary goal of helping graduates accomplish their dreams of travelling abroad to study for their PGD, Masters and PhD. The educational consultancy founded by Dr Linda Iheme, a physician who has the interest and the wellbeing of young ones at heart.

Dr Iheme is a relentless icon in the quest of raising people through human capital development. A recipient of several local and international awards in recognition of her dynamic efforts in business, leadership development and community service. A woman of honour, a nation builder, resource mobilizer and a leading scholar, Dr Linda’s excellence at the University of Benin earned her a fully funded scholarship at the University of Waterloo, Canada for her Master’s degree program.

Through Vantage Migration, Dr Linda Iheme has once again proven her excellence. She has helped several Nigerian graduates gain admission to various countries of their choice through partial or complete scholarship programs.

In addition to these, she has also, through her social media pages, continued to encourage the youths to be more pragmatic, proactive and focused towards achieving their life goals whilst urging them that their dreams are still valid against all odds.

She has positively impacted hundreds of Nigerian youths within two years and rewarded ardent followers of her page by sending some of them on an all-expenses paid trip abroad for vacation. You can find out more about Vantage Migration by visiting

You can also follow Dr Linda Iheme on her social media handles to find out more about what she is doing.

She is trusted, talented and reliable with facts to back it up and to give you a better understanding about migration to any country of your choice. Grab this amazing opportunity and make your dreams come to reality by joining this amazing platform to enable you get more knowledge. Follow Dr Linda Iheme – Only True Account on facebook/Instagram.

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